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Rebuilding the WarRavens Website

Borr-424 aDirector posted Jan 26, 14
As you might have seen, there is a lot of outdated information on our community website. We are currently busy revamping the website to provide you with clear and precise information.

Benjamin_Draco a Agreed, been ages since I've looked here, but the improvements are lookin' sweet.
Jadek Menaheim Changes are looking excellent. Wish you the best WarRavens.
nextdark knight All the new touches look great! Keep up the good work!

WarRavens Auxiliaries Now Recruiting!

Borr-424 aDirector posted Dec 10, 13
Dear mercenaries,

WarRavens has set up its training/feeder corporation WarRavens Auxiliaries. We will use Radio WarRavens as our shared chat channel.

The training/feeder corporation will primarily focus on providing a first introduction to WarRavens and help guide newer players to become as skilled as our veteran members.

Please note that being part of WarRavens Auxiliaries is by no means a lesser standard than any other WarRaven mercenary. We're a proud group of players who strive for a tight knit community with the purpose of experiencing EVE & Dust 514 to it's full extend.


WarRavens' crew on GTAV Online

Borr-424 aDirector posted Oct 19, 13
Since there are a number of members active on GTAV Online, we have set up a WarRavens crew.

If you feel the need to relax, play golf, mug some stores, pimp your rides or enjoy a nice digital beer from one of the crews' available appartments, do not hestitate to apply...

Go to socialclub.rockstargames.com, click 'crews' and search for WarRavens. There you can request an invite. When applying please use your Dust/Eve name since GTAV uses your PSN id.


WarRavens started as a clan in MAG around 4 years ago and is now a vibrant, organized and active corporation in Dust 514 and Eve and have been around since the closed Beta. 

Our corp had been known for our incentives such as PSN codes, controllers and headsets prizes for our corp deploys. We are now consolidating these prizes into a grand prize, the Playstation 4. One Playstation 4  or an equal value in gift cards if preferred, will be given out approximately every six months. A summary on how this works is as follows, every two weeks there will be a corp deploy where scores in designated squads are kept. There are categories such as Most Killls Category or Most War Points Category. If you win in one category, you will be given one point. At the end of each six months cycle, total points will determine who wins the Playstation 4. These grand prizes will be personally sponsored by me, Snowraven. We are committed to seeing our first Grand Prize winner. Our web site, www.warravens.enjin.com had recently won CCP's Fansite Skirmish First Prize, which was a trip to CCP's Fan Fest in Iceland.

A summary of the requirements to participate and claim our Playstation Grand Prizes are voice communication, active membership, all three character slots are in WarRavens and being prepared to step into the limelight, i.e having your real name published as our Grand Prize winner. Our first winner will be declared and posted on our website, no later than March 10, 2014. Join us now at the very beginning of our first exciting cycle and help us fine tune our corp deploy and maximize your winning chances. Updated rules will be posted on our web site.

We are a drama free, disciplined, mature and highly organized corporation when it comes to the planetary conquest side of Dust 514. Public matches are where we let our hair down, lol. As a corp, we value intelligence, maturity, team play, the desire to win and respect towards friend and foe alike.

Our corp as a whole, is more like a community of friends that are well organized and know how to have fun. We want more friends than foe and hope to see your applications soon.
The legend345 (aka italy) When i have a tag will i be automatically entered or is there something to fill out?

WarRavens is offering a US$100 PSN card each for the first 3 corp members able to stay in the top 20 on the Dust 514 leaderboards for a 30 day period (Wins/Losses Leaderboard will not be a part of this challenge). If a member is on the KDR leaderboard, that member must have over a 1000 kills.
In order to be eligible, the player must have all 3 characters in the WarRavens Corporation (only need to be playing one character) and be an active player in good standing during the 30 day period.
These prizes are personally sponsored by our corporation's CEO, Snowraven WarBringer. Members of WarRavens have until the end of June 2013 to take up this offer. For example, if you happen to get in the top 20 on June 30, 2013 and stay for 30 days till July 30, 2013, you win a US$100 PSN card. If a member from outside the US wins these three prizes, we will do our utmost to give them their equivalent PSN card in their region.


Currently, our Dust 514 set biweekly deploys have three $20 PSN cards as prizes for each deploy. We also want to tap into the pool of good players who don't have mics by offering them mics as prizes instead of the $20 PSN cards during the set corporate deploys. If you don't have a mic but are an excellent player who listens, don't hesitate to apply to the corporation.

LoveNewlooy lol..... for me 2 XD
STABBEY I'll have to get a few hackers to delete the accounts of the top 1000 for me xD jk jk
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